Welcome to the Mekong Delta


Regarded as one of the must-see destinations in Vietnam, visitors are drawn here by a massive maze of rivers, canals, swamps and tiny islands.


The Mekong Delta also features floating markets, traditional villages, idyllic scenery, as well as a range of authentic local experiences.


It is located just a few hours outside of Saigon and any visit to the Southern Vietnam should have at least a full-day trip to this exotic destination.



The ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, the delta is carpeted in a dizzying variety of greens. It’s a water world that moves to the rhythms of the mighty Mekong, where boats, houses and markets float upon the innumerable rivers, canals and streams that criss-cross the landscape like arteries. – The Lonely Planet 


Here are the Top Reasons to Visit the Mekong Delta


The Floating Markets


The ZAZZ Guide to the Mekong Delta

One of the remarkable highlights of your visit to the Mekong Delta is a trip out to the floating markets. There, you will go through an authentic experience where you can get an insight into the local way of life.


There to see are local residents wearing a ‘non la’ or Asian rice hat, paddling their way through the canals, and sellers offering products that are sold directly from their boats.


Goods on offer include tropical fruits, fresh vegetables, local produce and plenty more besides.


This authentic trading in Vietnam dated back hundred years ago and still being practiced in the Mekong Delta region.


A visit to the vibrant floating markets truly promises an unparalleled experience especially for those who have never seen one before.


The Laid-back Atmosphere


The ZAZZ Guide to the Mekong Delta

Need some moments of breather from the forever bustling Saigon metropolis? Then a visit to the Mekong Delta might just be the right ticket for you.


The surrounding rivers, lakes and canals, as well as the lush gardens and orchards make the Mekong Delta a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City.


Enjoy fresh air and a laid-back vibe as you explore through this charming destination.


Moreover, there are activities to explore such as picnics under the palm trees and fishing adventures.


The Traditional Food

The Mekong Delta - Specialty Food

No trip to the Mekong is complete without sampling the regional food. On your journey, you will find a range of savory dishes featuring local flavors and traditional delights.


Food to sample includes soups, salads, grilled dishes and fishcakes. There is also a variety of desserts including coconut candy, sweet rice balls and sugary puddings to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Not to mention, loads of tropical fruits for you to try.


The Local Charm

The ZAZZ Guide to the Mekong Delta


The locals of the Mekong Delta are always thrilled to welcome tourists to their homeland. They are known to be congenial and hospitable people.


From their warm greetings, the big smile on their faces to their friendliness, there is little denying that the locals can make your trip to the Mekong Delta even more unforgettable.


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