Spotlight On: The Vertical Garden Walls at ZAZZ


Our ZAZZ Urban hotels take sustainability to greater heights with ‘green walls’ taking the center stage.


The vertical garden walls in our urban properties have been installed to enhance the appearance of our spaces as well as to create an inviting, more natural environment. These green walls are a distinct feature of our urban hotel design, receiving praises from our partners and guests alike.


Upon arrival at our 48-room ZAZZ Urban Bangkok, one of the first things guests will notice is the vibrant vertical garden. Found in our lobby, restaurant and co-working space, our vertical garden walls feature ornamental grasses, wood ferns and other garden plant species that add life to our spaces.


These ‘green walls’ add not only aesthetic appeal to our premises but also provide a number of environmental and psychological benefits. According to research, green walls improve air quality by naturally absorbing and cleaning toxins from the air. Moreover, some studies highlight the positive impact of green spaces on well-being such as the reduced physical signs of stress. 


Come have a glimpse of the ‘vertical garden walls’ at ZAZZ Urban Bangkok, regarded as the charming oasis of Rama 9 in the heart of the Thai capital.

Our green walls were stationed by We Big Co’s team of ‘green wall specialists’. We Big Co is a company based out of Bangkok that specializes in green wall installation. They use a special green wall technology that makes their vertical garden walls modular, sustainable, and long-lasting.