Eco-friendly Initiatives at ZAZZ


Here at ZAZZ Hotels & Resorts, we strive to incorporate environment-friendly and sustainable practices in all our properties.


With our eco-friendly initiatives, not only do we raise awareness, but we also help reduce waste, conserve resources as well as minimize the impact on our planet.


Our ‘green actions’ include incorporating energy-efficient lighting system, implementing environmental and sustainability policies and carrying out a water-saving towel/linen reuse program. Adding to this are our organic amenities and eco-friendly glass water bottles in rooms. 


Here are just some of our ‘eco-friendly’ initiatives here at ZAZZ Hotels & Resorts


Eco-friendly Design

Green Walls | Eco-friendly Initiatives at ZAZZ Hotels & Resorts

Our environmental commitment visually translates into a unique eco-friendly architecture. Our ZAZZ Urban Hotels feature vertical garden walls, commonly known as ‘green walls’.


These walls add not only aesthetic appeal to our interior spaces but also provide a number of important benefits.


These benefits include regulated temperatures inside the hotel, which allows us to reduce energy consumption for air-conditioning and improved air quality as living plants naturally filter carbon dioxide and other air pollutants. 


Energy-efficient Lighting

Green Architecture | Eco-friendly Initiatives at ZAZZ Hotels & Resorts

What better way to reduce energy consumption than to utilize natural energy to provide natural light. Our design incorporates large glass windows that bring natural light into our indoor areas. Not only are we able to save energy costs but we are also able to save substantial energy with this approach.


Furthermore, all our hotels and resorts use light-emitting diode or LED bulbs which are more energy efficient than incandescent and fluorescent alternatives.


Towel & Linen Reuse Program

Linen and Towels Re-use Program | Eco-friendly Initiatives at ZAZZ Hotels & Resorts

This linen and towel reuse program offers our guests the option to reuse their towels and linens more than once. With this initiative, we can significantly reduce the amount of water and electricity needed to launder linens and towels on a daily basis, which allows us help conserve our natural resources.


Organic Amenities

Organic Amenities | Eco-friendly Initiatives at ZAZZ Hotels & Resorts

All our products such as shampoos, lotions and bath gels are formulated from natural ingredients.


Our bathrooms also feature ceramic and metal bath and shampoo dispensers to avert use of plastic packets and sachets.


Our in-room amenities; on the other hand, such as dental, shaving and vanity kits are made from non-toxic, organic materials. They are packed in biodegradable bags using the stone paper packaging technology.


At ZAZZ Hotels & Resorts, we aim to be 100% plastic-free. 


Glass Water Bottles

Glass Water Bottles | Eco-friendly Initiatives at ZAZZ Hotels & Resorts

We truly care about the environment here at ZAZZ. That is why the guest rooms and suites in all our eco-friendly hotels and resorts come with glass water bottles instead of plastic where guests can refill totally free of charge. This enables us to help cut down the amount of plastic bottles discarded daily.


Staff Involvement

Eco-friendly Initiatives at ZAZZ Hotels & Resorts

All our ZAZZ team members take part in the company’s eco-friendly initiatives and incorporate energy-saving practices into their daily routines.


Our housekeeping staff are instructed to use natural lighting for morning room cleanings. Furthermore, they are directed to turn off lights and hotel appliances that have been left on by our guests.


Here at ZAZZ, the management and the staff work closely together towards our conservation and sustainability goals.