ZPACE Co-working Space in Bangkok - ZAZZ Hotels & Resorts
ZAZZ Urban Bangkok blurs the lines between work and play, offering tastefully appointed co-working spaces in Bangkok that inspire brainstorming, cloud surfing and blue ocean thinking. Our co-working/meeting space in Rama 9 is perfect for private meetings, product launching or collaboration events.


ZPACE 联合办公区

曼谷爵世都市酒店模糊了工作和娱乐之间的界限,提供高雅的联合办公区,激发头脑风暴、云冲浪和天马行空的创意。以轻松、精神焕发的状态开展业务。设施包括位于夹层楼的联合办公室和楼顶上与 ZOOK 酒吧相连的私人会议室。